Classes at Lee-on-the-Solent

Monday - Tone & Strength, Ab Attack, Body Combat & Yoga

Tuesday - Body Conditioning, Pilates, Circuits, Pilates, Body Pump & Body Combat

Wednesday - LBT, Zumba & Body Balance

Thursday - Body Balance, Body Combat, Body Pump & Pilates

Friday - ABC & HIIT

Saturday - Zumba & Cardio Strength

Sunday - 20/20/20

20/20/20 - This class offer a variety of exercise disciplines: cardio, strength and core based formats that can change each week, using various pieces of equipment.

AB ATTACK - This class concentrates on upper and lower abs, oblique’s and back muscles, as well as the hips and glutes to develop better balance.

ABC, BODY CONDITIONING - Focusing on strength, muscular endurance and fitness conditioning, these classes will help to develop a strong and toned physique.

LES MILLS BODY BALANCE™ - Bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centered. Happy.

LES MILLS BODY COMBAT™ - Inspired by martial arts you will punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness. Average calories burned per class – 700.

LES MILLS BODY PUMP™ - Strengthen your entire body doing squats, presses, lifts and curls. Average calories burned per class – over 400.

CARDIO STRENGTH - A mix of cardio and strength using your own body.

CIRCUIT TRAINING - A full body workout that covers cardio and toning, using various equipment.

HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT) - also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

L.B.T. - A class the specifically targets those “problem areas” of the stomach and lower body.

PILATES - A mat-based workout following techniques developed by Joseph Pilates which includes concentrated work on core strength, body alignment and muscular balance.

TONE & STRENGTH - A mixed class of upper and lower body strength and toning exercises 

using body weight as well as studio weights to strengthen, shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs .

Also incorporates abdominal toning and cardio vascular exercises.

YOGA - A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, including breath control and simple relaxation. Yoga will help enhance your balance and stability and leave you feeling stronger and more centred.

ZUMBA - Ditch the workout and join the party. Features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.


Lee on the Solent Tennis, Squash & Fitness Club, 41-47 Manor Way, Lee on the Solent, PO13 9JQ • 02392550381